Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Injuries

My Martial Arts journey for 2015 has had plenty of ups and downs. One of my aims for this year was to compete in some form of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition. A couple of injuries at the beginning of the year, busy with work, as well as Nicky being in hospital for a knee replacement – resulted in my BJJ training not been consistent. However, things started to ease a bit and I started to really get back into the swing of things – before I got hit with 2 of my worst injuries to date – broken ribs. The floating rib on my left got pushed in – very painful, but I came back after 3 weeks – only to be landed with my right hand side ribs getting cracked. It felt like one of the ribs got pushed in and as it came back out it overlapped another rib and cracked. This resulted in 10 weeks away from BJJ and although I’ve been back for a couple of months, they still cause me a bit of pain with certain techniques. Out of all the injuries I’ve had over the years through various sports – this has to be one of the most painful and frustrating injuries I’ve had.

So, my hopes of competing are gone for this year – but I WILL compete next year.


So that was one of the low points of the year. But, there have been plenty of high points. At the top of my Martial Arts journey of 2015 is my Kickboxing. Nickys absence in teaching because of her knee injury meant I was teaching the adults kickboxing for a number of months. All the hours I put in with Nicky last year gave me the basic experience to teach and helped keep the class going until her return.

Kickboxing Grading

Yellow Belt in my Kickboxing Grading

Obviously my own development in technique and fitness was put on hold – so when I took my first Kickboxing grading and double graded, I was chuffed to bits. It was physically the hardest thing I’ve done – I must have sweated 2 gallons of water in that 90 minutes – but boy was it worth it. My teaching of adult Kick Boxing still continues when Nicky isn’t able to take the class, and I’ve started teaching the 4-8 year olds on a Wednesday while Chris helps out at Leeds Martial Arts Centre – as well as helping with the 9-16 year olds on a Monday & Wednesday – ohhh and the odd Saturday when Chris is away – busy, busy, busy.

Pink Collar Boxing

The Martial Arts journey next takes a turn to Pink Collar Boxing. We’ve had 3 sets of PCB this year, with 3 brilliant sets of women. If you haven’t heard of Pink Collar Boxing before, it is an 8 week course learning how to box, culminating in a boxing match at the end of it. An amazing experience for the women taking part and extremely rewarding for Nicky & I in watching women with none or little experience, develop enough skill and fitness to hold their own in the ring. We’ve been helped by Sadie, who took part in the very first PCB last year and it’s just been a thoroughly enjoyable experience for us all. I would also like to mention that all the teaching and coaching we do, is voluntary – we are not paid members of Doncaster Martial Arts Centre, we do it for the love of it.

Martial Arts Equipment and Clothing

Twins Boxing Gloves

Twins Boxing Gloves

I’ve added a few bits of Martial Arts Equipment and Clothing this year. My main purchase is my Twins Boxing Gloves. I’ve got a couple of cheaper gloves, but wish I’d invested in a pair of these earlier – they are superb. FBGV-34 14oz KOI Carp design – they fit really snuggly. Highly recommend get a pair if your are into any form of boxing Martial Arts.

My next addition is my Koral BJJ Competition Gi. A birthday present from Nicky and it is so light and well fitting. My Tatami Sub Zero v3 seems like a lead suit compared to it and I will definitely buy another one for next years summer training.

I’ve also got myself a custom fitted gum shield. I use it for BJJ, Kickboxing and PCB. So much better than the boil and bite gum shields I’ve had before. I got it from the brilliant people over at Easeholm Dental Laboratories in Rotherham. Special thank you goes to Mark Roberts for sorting it out for me – and also getting Nicky sorted with hers. If you do any form of Martial Arts that needs a gum shield – get a properly fitted one and use these guys in Rotherham – you won’t regret it.

Head guards and focus pads have been purchased specifically for the PCB training. We need the women to experience sparring in the headguards, so 4 sets have been bought and we’ll probably add another 2 before the year is out.

So that’s my Martial Arts journey of 2015 so far – ups and downs for me, but far more ups and here’s to an injury free rest of the year and beyond.