The Enchanted Christmas Gardens at Brodsworth Hall has been something I’ve wanted to go to for a few years now. Mum and Nicky also expressed an interest, so when we saw it advertised this year, we booked online straight away. We knew that Katie and Sophie would also love it, so we made use of Mums English Heritage Membership, meaning for 3 adults and two children, cost little over a tenner.

We went on Friday, the first day of the week long event as it posed to be the warmest of the nights. Upon arriving, we got Mum a Hot Mead – a little pricey for the amount we got, and not really that hot. This set the tone for the rest of the food and drink we bought unfortunately. This element we all agreed could be improved on. It was however the only downside of the evening as the gardens were beautifully lit and as the name suggests, enchanting.

Once you got past the food and drink stands, you followed a pre-set path around the Brodsworth Gardens, which lasted about 40 minutes – going at Nicky’s pace with her knee. There was a nice variety of lighting effects, the Hall lit up in pink with moving elements and a festive Merry Christmas message looked fantastic. I tried to take a video to show the moving effect but in the dark and only with my Sony Z5, it didn’t turn out too well – so I’ve only shown the photos. I think if I go next year I will invest in a decent DSLR camera – my Z5 takes fantastic shots in daylight and good shots at night – I’d like to get fantastic shots all the time though (greedy).

Once we had walked around the enchanted gardens, we returned to the food area and whilst we appreciate that there will be a premium to pay, we did expect the burgers to be nicer (£3.95 each) and the coffee to be more than luke warm (£2.00 each). Again, the food element was the only downside and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Enchanted Christmas Gardens at Brodsworth Hall Photos