These Pink Collar Boxing Photos Doncaster 01-11-15 cover the event held on the 1st November 2015, and I must say it was brilliant. Some fantastic boxing matches and for once I got to take some photos. The Pink Collar Boxing photos were taken on my Samsung Note 3, so the quality isn’t sparkling, but not to bad either. I deleted some of the really bad photos that didn’t come out, so apologise now if there are a limited number of photos for a particular fight, the phone played up a few times over the night and once I’d rebooted it started to play nicely. Unfortunately I didn’t do this until the final fight. The official photographer will have the proper Pink Collar Boxing photos out soon, so hopefully, more photos and a much better quality for you.

The full batch of photos can be found on my Flickr Page

Looking forward to the next event (which will be in 2016) with either my new Sony Z5 Premium – or a new DSLR camera.

Enjoy the Pink Collar Boxing photos and feel free to share this page 🙂

Pink Collar Boxing Photos