Work has been hectic recently and my chances of photography this year have been quite limited. I’m also looking at upgrading my camera from a bridge camera – a Nikon 3100 or Nikon 3200 are my likely choice – so not felt the urge to get my Fujifilm out of the camera bag. But I will also be looking at upgrading my phone to the brand new sparkly Sony Z5 premium which has a 23 mega pixel camera (as well as a 4K video capture). A break away from my brand of choice – Samsung – but the Galaxy Note 5 doesn’t come out until next year – and the camera and video of the Sony sold me. Expect some super quality photos from the new phone as well as the new camera.

I digress. Not many photo opportunities this year means my shots have been confined to ones taken on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Not the best quality camera, but good enough for shots on the hoof. So for my first photo post, I’ve put together a little gallery of some of my favourite photos over the year. Future posts will be more adventurous I promise.