So I got it done, after over 6 months of re tweaking – the new website is live. It’s had a few looks over the years, but I’ve never been quite happy with the look or the direction of it.

But I think I’ve nailed it this time, really like the look of it and hope I can do it some justice with the content now.

What’s it built with Toby?

Avada WordPressThemeAs per most of my website work, it’s built using the WordPress platform. WordPress over the years has come a long way from it’s early beginnings as a basic blogging platform. So have the themes though. For this website (and most of my clients now) I’m using the Avada theme by Themefusion. It’s the only theme they do and is the best selling WordPress theme on the Themeforest Marketplace by far. The fact that it is the only theme they have developed means they put their full devotion to updating and improving it – this to me is important as I’ve seen too many developers build multiple themes and then forget about them. The one click demos are also pretty awesome, meaning I can get a really decent mock-up live quickly.

What else is involved with the website?

As you will have probably seen (if you are viewing the site on a desktop/laptop), the top of each main page has a little intro video. I created these using a video animation platform called Viddyoze. In quite simple terms, it’s the dogs doo daas. I invested as soon as it came on the market – it is currently closed for subscriptions at the moment, but when it re-opens, expect to pay around £150.00 a month to use it (which will still be worth it in my opinion). If you’re viewing the website on a mobile or tablet, you can check out the video demos here

So, neat little videos at the top of the page. I’ve also used stock imagery from Dollarphotoclub, a subscription service I use for clients website images. The site is closed for new subscriptions and won’t be opening it’s doors again, they were bought by Adobe and they are pushing new subscribers to their premium service Adobe Stock.

I use various plugins as well – these are little programs that make my life easier. I’ve tried to limit the number of plugins (too many mean the site can slow down) and barring some security and maintenance plugins, I use a gallery plugin called Justified Image Grid and an SEO plugin called Yoast SEO.

The theme comes with a decent set of features, so I don’t need to use things like Visual Composer (which I use on a few sites) to get functionality – and let’s face it, it’s pretty much a blog, so fancy features aren’t needed.

And that’s it, the new content will appear shortly for each section, hope you enjoy, and let me know if you like the site.